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Freezer room keeps The German Bakery of Windsor fresh

Windsor-based independent artisan bakery, The German Bakery of Windsor, has recently installed a new freezer room with the help of Cold Store Rentals, to keep its produce fresh before transporting to customers.

Here at Cold Store Rentals, we’ve supplied a Viessmann internal freezer room with dual Italian-Zanotti refrigeration units, offering 75% back up per system.

Stefan Hamann, co-owner of The German Bakery of Windsor, explains: “We produce German artisan bread in our bakery on site which we sell in our shop, but we needed a reliable freezer for the cakes that we make to be delivered to all our customers in the UK, and also for some produce we import from Germany.

The German Bakery also supplies fresh cakes to customers across the UK. Frances continues, “We bake cakes and put them straight into the freezer when they have cooled so that when we transport them, they will keep. Once they have been frozen overnight, they get couriered to the customer with ice packs so that when they arrive, they are defrosted and completely edible. We know that the cakes are going to be eaten on the day they are sent, so they are safe for consumption as soon as they arrive.”

The new cold room includes pallet wide doors which can be extended to use at a later date.

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