Cold Storage North Wales

Cold Room Design and Installation – Rent, Lease or Buy!

If you are looking for high performance and cost-effective cold room in North Wales, we can help!

Cold Store Rentals are pleased to be an official distributor of MISA Coldrooms, installing quality cold storage including walk-in freezer and chiller rooms. If it’s a brand-new business, office move, or expanding your current space– you can be sure we will supply you with a practical and efficient setup.

We can also help if you currently have a cold room design that isn’t performing as well as it should, we can help repair or offer you a better and more energy-efficient, competent solution within your budget.

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Cold Room Products We Offer

Our Cold Room Installations are available on a purchase, lease or rent-to-buy basis across North Wales. Read more about the different temperature-controlled products we install:

Walk-In Freezer Rooms

Walk-In Chiller Rooms

Glass Fronted Point of Sale

Drop In Refrigerant

Freeblock Refrigeration

Bespoke Coldrooms

Our most popular coldrooms are always in stock year-round, however, we are also experts in designing bespoke cold rooms and CAD custom designs for more complex setups. Our Cold Storage Installation North Wales are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Cold Storage North Wales

Cold Room Installations are the chosen setup in many industries when compared to standard cooling solutions. They can be designed to fit your requirements – making the most of available space and fit your storage needs.

Where large amounts of stock need to be stored at the same temperature, such as food – a coldroom is usually the best option due to the large scale in comparison to normal fridges. It is beneficial for kitchen staff as it offers a practical way to access and rotate ingredients.

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