Modular Cold Rooms

What are Modular Cold Rooms?

Modular cold rooms are strong and robust, temperature-controlled walk-in chiller or freezer rooms. They offer much more capacity when compared to a standard size fridge freezer. Modular cold rooms refer to the structure being built from separate parts and securely locked together.

Cold Store Rentals are the official distributor of MISA Coldrooms in the UK and Ireland. The MISA brand is a trusted guarantee of a quality product delivered at an excellent price.

Modular cold rooms are usually located at the back of a premise or in a separate outbuilding on site. The scale of the cold rooms we supply can vary from large commercial setups to small cold rooms utilise in labs, pharmacies and restaurants.

Our walk-in freezer and chiller rooms can include plastic panels, edges, roof, walk-in floor, hinged doors, lighting kit and refrigeration units.

Advantages of Modular Cold Rooms

  • Large storage capacity to hold stock onsite
  • Maintain the ideal temperature to ensure the product remains cool and usable
  • Stock wastage and risk of spoilage is minimised
  • Varying temperatures from freezer (-25 to -2 degrees) to fridge (0-12 degrees)
  • Standard sizes or a custom-made design available
  • Easy to access all stock and rotate as required
  • Easy to clean and maintain hygiene
  • More energy efficient than multiple standard size fridges
  • Competitive pricing with the option to rent or purchase outright

Cold Store Rentals

Cold Store Rentals are experts in installing modular cold rooms, with over 120 years of industry experience, we offer a range of walk-in cold storage to suit all requirements and budgets. We offer completely tailored and bespoke designed cold rooms as well as many of our popular stock of modular cold rooms that can be delivered straight to your site.

Cold Store Rentals will be sure to have all your needs covered from survey through to supply, installation and ongoing maintenance. We are a company you can rely on to recommend only the best products that suit your company.

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